Wednesday, December 3, 2008



jaime said...

Cody- Surprising color choice, but I really like it actually. It looks good and alludes to the seriousness of the book. If this is now to operate more as a book cover, we may want to add words, or at least texture, or something along the bottom as a nice holding place for words. The flatness of that color is bothering me a bit. I love the reddish-pink, but the color it fades too isn't quite as nice on it's own as a flat color. I don't think you need a third color, but it could enhance the image, even if just by adding soft other hues or colored texture to mix up the background and make it more complex and have a bit more depth. Not a color that you would necessarily see from a distance, just some subtle shifts perhaps?

I'm liking the tree images you found for the background. They are nice, and add depth and texture, without interfering with the main image. The combination of photo collage and your drawing is nice.

What are you thinking about it at this point?

jaime said...

Suggestion: You could just bring some of your line work from the top (that looks like rain) all the way to the bottom- that could solve the flat color problem...then perhaps some slight evidence of drawing or shading behind the typewriter? I don't want it to pop forward too much, but feel a part of the rest of the image.