Thursday, September 25, 2008


Medusa is nourished

This is my final Medusa. I am happy with the realistic/fantasy place it took me to. I wanted her skin to be bloody-red. I added more texture/slight-waves to the water; more gleaming highlights. A mouse on a leg of a chair, a mouse in the edge of the water, about to meet it's fate with a dragon looking serpent, a mousy entering the plane in the foreground, also about to disappear, and Medusa's hair comes in and out of the composition.

But the actual image does not actually look so contrasty, but I like it better this way, i think. I took a photo, didn't scan, so there's some glare- but I kind of like that beam of light from the top. My studies are to the left. And to the right is a previous Medusa piece I've done for Illustration 2 in watercolor.


jaime said...

It is nice to see these changes! I think the little mouse you added near the chair is a great move, and ties that area to the foreground a bit. The snake that moves out of the picture also makes the composition more dynamic and works well. Changes in value and the added water touches all make the image stronger. I think your new Medusa is more successful than your last because it is more confident and intriguing, but it is interesting to see your previous Medusa piece.

Nice work and thanks for posting and addressing these issues.

What do others think?

jaime said...

A picky thing... maybe add a shadow or slightly further define the left-most snake, it is flattening out bit for me.

Jennifer Guzman said...

Thank you. Yeah, I just noticed I didn't pay attention to that shadow as well.

Sarah said...

I like the new value changes, and, as always in your work, the colours are gorgeous.