Tuesday, September 30, 2008

one of the concepts for the fortune, "You will find something.  It may be important."
colored in photoshop.


lilligärtner said...

i like the idea of a whale finding a flashlight and being really excited about it, why, i don't know, but i realize this is actually a misunderstanding and that the guy inside the whale finds a flashlight. but either way i think its a good start of a longer story which needs to be told.
apart from that i really need the link of the bible lesson animation, i couldn't find it the other day.


when you scan the spread, you can fix that with the color drop tool or the pattern stamp. i think they would look finished after that. looks good.

jaime said...

Though this was your most obvious solution, the way you've drawn it is what makes this concept successful. Besides some minor possible changes we discussed, this can really look finished as is and go in the portfolio. You are getting three pieces out of one assignment here. Also- I agree with Cody that you can stamp out the sketchbook line, or keep it if you like it.