Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey all- this is your friendly reminder to tweak your images as needed (even if just any minor ones for the sake of the deadline) and ENTER the "Beasts" contest. The odds say you'll never hear back from them, but isn't that how the entire illustration world works? You never know. You might as well take advantage of the free opportunity to put your piece in front of some illustrator and art director judges!

Here is the link... e-mail me with questions if you are having problems, or post problems in comments so others can help too! The deadline is FAST approaching.

Once on the page, scroll down to enter. DO IT. Take any chance to get your work out there. This one has fallen in your lap (by way of an instructor making you follow the contest directions exactly to encourage your participation in the world outside the MICA bubble) and the hard part is done.

Have a good week, and surprise me with FUN and interesting concept solutions for next week! The work turned in today was a generally strong showing of techniques and execution. Keep it up. Have fun with this assignment. Enjoying it will make the pieces the best they can be. 

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