Wednesday, November 12, 2008

baltimore piece

this is a fotocollage of my idea for the baltimore piece, for the final i would like to draw this and for now i am working on the layout with fotos, i would like it to look like a pulp fiction cover and realize that it does not seem quite that threatening now...but maybe this also works as a contrast. i am a bit lost right now.

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jaime said...

The photo collage is nice, and uses some good distinctly baltimore pieces. I like the idea of the Pulp Fiction cover too, and am interested in seeing if you can pull that off. I think you might make a nice piece with type and all the graphic elements. Picking a cover you like - maybe searching online- as reference and emulating it graphically while also staying true to your own artistic sensibility will be the challenge.

I do think this is possible and a good idea. The title placement and type and all will need to change from this example, but I'm pretty sure you just placed type as a reference point here. What would be nice is a bit of exaggeration in the birds, maybe making them monster-big or something that makes it more dramatic, especially if you are going pulp-themed here.

I like the elements and think it can be a really fun piece even though it is a quick assignment. Can't wait to see it next week.