Wednesday, November 19, 2008

IF: pretend


jaime said...

I'm a little lost conceptually. I do, however, think the image is intriguing enough to wonder about and seek an intended meaning or story within.

Graphically interesting in process, and looks like you had fun with it. Otherwise I'm a bit stumped if you are trying to communicate something beyond the generally bizarre.


a german frog disguised as a man with a hat. and a lemur disguised as a vagina. it is about communication. the german frog wants sex. because he is looking at the lemur in a superficial way. so the lemur calls him a dick. the owl is my frustration with the obvious. you think wise. and owl comes to mind. an owl won if last week. annoying. that is the concept.

jaime said...

ha. well that certainly clears it up.