Sunday, November 2, 2008




hand and wrist look awkward. monstery. and wrinkled.
face and neck seem masculine.
some parts are too realistic compared to flat parts.
other than that.
im diggin it.

jaime said...

Hey Evan- I like the color palette and composition as it stands, but I'm also thinking that you may want to push it either all a bit more rendered, or all more flattened and stylized. You can certainly play with some parts flat and others rendered, but perhaps the girl in the foreground could be rendered a bit more while the background stays flat if you decide to mix them, so there is an understanding that this mix is intentional. I think her hand and fingers are ok, as I've seen you stylize the hand this way before and believe it may be part of your style and doesn't bother me, but the wrist is a bit muscular in a scary way. I think I notice it more as it is getting more finished out, and it may be better to tame down the bulk and shadows of the wrist to make the subject more feminine.

Thanks for posting, and I look forward to seeing it with text.

jaime said...

ok- I'm seeing that maybe the wrist I'm seeing as muscular and bulky is perhaps meant to be the lab coat stuck into the glove? I still think it could still be read as overly masculine, and believe you can get away with smoothing it out even if it is not exactly realistic. Artistic license allows for it I think. It is coming along nicely though, and I'm impressed by your ability to use the computer without much training here.