Monday, November 3, 2008


not sure if the subtitle is too large, have been trying to work with photoshop and things go kind of crazy, but in the end i am quite satisfied



lovely as always. talked in person. you know my thoughts.

jaime said...

Hey Lilli- I would consider making the subtitle smaller. I like this image, and I think it is a great first attempt at incorporating more color this term. I wonder if the fish matches the sky too much, as it might be nice to slightly desaturate the sky and saturate the fish, so that they are the same hue, but the fish is the focal point. I like your textures in the paint, they are subtle but very nice.

I even think you might be able to get away with pencil/lighter black outlines here, but that will just be a personal decision as to how far to push and pull your values. I'm glad you are experimenting with color and think it will be nice for you to develop this further for when color is called for (even though many assignments in life can be solved in black and white) but you are showing that you'll have the flexibility to work well either way.