Friday, November 21, 2008


My intentions are to do a mural-ish horizontal. narrative like, sunset scene. With a church, old, and new building, and a vacant lot with kids playing in it and a painted mural to represent hope and an old man sitting in a chair, and construction guys working. I am a tad lost, but I will get back to it. I slightly changed directions, and got another idea, more poster-like. But I want to pursue idea 1 [nothing posted for that yet]
-Also, my apologies, for not being in class. I honestly overslept, woke up on my own at like 10:30ish and got to school at 12 and class apparently ended early. But I just wanted to post something up to show where I'm at. And the image was badly scanned and cropped.

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jaime said...

Hello Jennifer- thanks for posting since you weren't in class. I'm actually curious as to why you switched the format and sketch. I think the other one seemed to capture the concepts and spirit you were looking for in the piece, and after our discussion you were pretty set to start working on it, with colors and everything all figured out. It seems you've made more work for yourself by redrawing.

I'm not getting these ideas/concepts as much from this image, and including the word "Baltimore" is probably not necessary if you can convey the city in imagery alone. Let me know what your thought process is about the new piece and why the other one was not working for you.

Definitely keep me posted on where you go with this.