Monday, November 17, 2008

Baltimore Piece

"Little Demon in the Church" Pg.3 - swimming in the holy water.
Just one page, but the color pallet will basically be the same.
Trying to make a small book for the project.

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Jennifer Guzman said...

This is cute...i like this idea. Baltimore has alot of churches, and is known for it's opposites, like good and bad kind of. From this image alone, I don't get holy water. But that's just because it's zoomed in so much, maybe and engraved cross, more lavish? But I can imagine endless possibilities for this little creature, behaving like a kid in church and stuff, eating all the holy bread like cookies, and drunk off of the wine, pulling old peoples wigs in church, taking the money offerings....endless possibilities. What about one more color, like pink or better yet like a naples yellow, to act like a white.