Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Black Aggie

I spent all morning at the bank trying to get my money back, but I have my homework. I chose Black Aggie of Druid Ridge Cemetery in Pikesville (Northwest side of the city). Here's a link to her story:

Fraternities would use the spot to haze pledges and so I focused on the rituals surrounding the legend of the statue at the height of its fame, and ultimately, where it was going.

It is not finished, I bit off way more than I could chew in two weeks. Any incite would be awesome.


jaime said...

I really like the colors Evan and look forward to seeing it completely finished. The guy in the foreground is coming along, but something with his mouth might not be working yet. It looks a little small, or maybe not actually scared enough. He sort of appears as if he is posing scared or going through the motions. Usually small subtle changes can change this and get his expression looking more authentic. Nice so far .

Jennifer Guzman said...

I like this alot too. You have nice detail with textures. You captured that erie moonlight from above in the back rather nicely. And I love that character design of that woman-demon- I almost want to see a character drawing of just her. With that letter on his jacket I get "college" kid, but he is probably the weakest for now. I want more fear in the eye, or sharper contrast on his face, with light from below for more drama- But he is a very handsome dude. But this is very nice- I still can't do anything like this.