Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Color studies for 2 page spread. The composition needs work (and about two inches of width) but I wanted to get this step out of the way. In the final piece, I think there should be more room between the figure and hand so the background figures won't be so boxed in. I also plan to do the text in Illustrator.


jaime said...

Hey Evan, I think this sketch definitely works better than your last, as this is reading "beauty and science" now.

I am seeing the "eyes" of the girl in the foreground as kind of googly and crazy, when I think you are only meant to see the glasses? For some reason the dark areas in the glasses are popping like pupils to me, and I don't think you are meaning for it to read that way.

Composition is working well. I like the color in the top one the best as a whole, because the girl's glove color and lips pop nicely and bring her forward. I do wonder if you may want to make the background here just a touch cooler like your middle study, and I like how in this (top) comp, the background is evenly pushed back. Text in Illustrator would work nicely, and I'd love to that comped in and see if you can find a way to include the subhead as well.

Any other suggestions or preferences on these studies?


the cropping of the arm from the body seems strange. connected or no. it is vague. also, it seems too sexual. a thought product of our generation. big tits. big ass. beautiful. you crop the face. pure beauty. i dont know. just thoughts.