Wednesday, October 15, 2008


"Keep your eyes open. You never know what you might see." was the fortune.
I'm having trouble with the background. First I tried adding a texture, disaster. So I got rid of the texture but I think I need to make it more flat so that the characters don't seem so out of place.

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jaime said...

I like the concept here, but I think so far we haven't nailed down the technique so that the concept really shines in this piece.

It is particularly difficult to work in a way where you create characters and then try to put them in a space afterwards. The best way to really bring an image up to prevent this type of problem would be to work the whole image up together, though it is difficult for some people to work in this way, especially if you are most into character design.

Compositionally the piece is falling too far right on the page right now, with some awkward space on the left side of the piece.

As far as technique is concerned, I wonder if it might benefit from a hybrid technique with some traditional element first. It will be interesting to explore some different techniques here a bit. I'd love to see your files and talk with you a bit more about this and see what some possible options are here. You have the concept and character design down well here, so next is the (sometimes toughest) part where you'll be pulling it all together in a cohesive image.

That said, the bottom one is working here best so far, but I still think you can do something interesting with texture after some trial and error.