Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lucky You sketch

"Perhaps You've been focusing too much on that one thing."

-it will be colored w gouache

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jaime said...

I think your sketch is coming along nicely. I like the concept, and it can work in your portfolio without the fortune as a comment on youth culture.

I like how the girl is being sucked in rather elegantly, as if she is passively falling in without realizing it.

The boy in the foreground is giving me a little trouble because he isn't quite as elegantly drawn. I feel like his positioning is a bit more awkward. It might be nice if he were being swooped in as well. I think his positioning could be more natural, and I'm not sure you need to elongate his neck so much the way you have because it comes of as a bit more "cartoon-like" this way. It really depends on what you are going for though, so just take this as a suggestion and be prepared to defend your decision :)