Wednesday, October 15, 2008

color plan and spread.  The part on the right was thrown together digitally and the type below the title will be more in the style of the title in the final.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this take on your article. You've come to a really nice resolution, I wouldn't change a thing.

jaime said...

I really like this too Matt. Very Much. It is an elegant solution. Sophisticated in concept, and benefits further from your technique.

My first thought was how much bigger the right page is from the left, and that it really doesn't match up. A few days ago I was going to comment that I'd make that page smaller, but ran out of time and couldn't comment.

Revisiting the image has made me change my mind. I think that it plays into your style nicely, being slightly more abstract and unworried. Just because I'm a bit too "type A" to leave this "impossible" spread were it mine, does not mean that it is THE solution. The piece is so strong that it will work with most any quirks, and may even benefit from them.

It may be a first impression from folks like me to notice this page-size discrepancy, so you should at least be aware of it, and then decide how you best like the image yourself. I also think going in and working this up more traditionally (as I believe you already have planned) will make it just that much more interesting. I look forward to seeing it.

Anonymous said...

I'm really wondering if I should carry on finishing these pieces traditionally or whether I should just start learning how I can best finish them with Photoshop. I like the look this has already, and I'm worried that if I try to paint this it's going to completely fall short of the sketch. I don't know. Are these due this Wednesday? Aghhhhhhh.

jaime said...

Hey all who read this...NOT due wednesday. In fact, Due two weeks from Wednesday. You have time, but I hope most people will be almost done when they meet with me for their mid-term review time slot on the 29th.

That said- Matt - I think you should pursue the photoshop route if you feel it is best for you, and I do think you can pull this off. Your pieces have a finished look to them when they are digitally colored already, so embracing this and learning to finish these to your satisfaction digitally is a good idea.