Wednesday, October 15, 2008

IF: String

Believe it or not, this was my first thought for "string".  I don't know how the color is working though.  Here's the original uncolored.


jaime said...

I like that this was your first thought. It is a fun unique interpretation of the word. For the colored image, the parts of the image that have no pencil are falling a little flat, which can be ok if you want the digital elements to be more obvious, but they take away from the hand drawn part. It would be interesting to see if this piece could benefit from a light background texture scanned in (like I briefly showed in class) That way, the image would look essentially the same, but have some trace elements of texture throughout.

jaime said...

An added comment :

I do like how the color here is shining through instead of making parts muddy. You may develop something here very usable for editorial work by digital coloring simply. It will probably be about nuance though, finding a way to color that has the simplicity and clarity that is hard to get with paint when applied with graphite/charcoal, but making sure it isn't too flat that it takes away from the drawing.


i think the color is nice. stringy soup, i like it.