Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beauty And The Brain

The Seed Magazine article discusses how human brains interpret, process, and break down beauty. What I understood was that "beauty" (regardless of its subjective nature) stimulates the brain causing emotional reactions that affect and shape our perceptions. The three concepts I've developed are pretty straight-forward. I felt the article was somewhat heavy and needed a light illustration to get people interested.

The first is a sexy scientist analyzing brain matter, the second is a axial brain scan with a beautiful woman's face super-imposed on top, and the third is a male model with a huge cranium. I think the second drawing is the best because it gels with my opinion of the article: cleverly boring. I'm not sure how to push it farther, perhaps a photo collage? I'd prefer to draw it though... 

Have a great break everyone!


jaime said...

Hello Evan-

I'm conflicted because I really like how you are integrating type into the first image, yet I don't read sexy scientist here. I thought it was a girl who was perhaps going to drink a "beauty potion" or something similar. If you go with this, we need more evidence that she is a scientist, which can just be in some added details. But it is the most striking composition that you are showing here, as it really caught my attention because it is unexpected in its cropping and use of type. You could play up this idea of a sexy scientist by pushing the concept a bit since that is known to be a bit of an oxymoron. "Real" scientists in a lineup next to this sexy scientist could push it, but then you have to worry about getting your dynamic composition back.

It would be nice to see you think this way (graphically) with the other concepts. How can you integrate the type to make it feel like it is a part of the image in some way? It just may make the initial read more eye-catching, and you can hopefully end up with the best of both worlds.

The second one works, but really would benefit from more attention to type. I was strangely initially getting a "Beauty and the Beast" vibe from it, like a magic mirror in a fairy tale (probably also because of the title next to it) but you could consider playing that up for some inspiring elements (based on the idea of conventional beauty in fairy tales) or a typeface that goes well.

The third one depends on us knowing that the subject is a male model, and again, there isn't the kind of specificity here that is making that obvious since the brain is to big for him to automatically be considered conventionally attractive. I hate to keep suggesting spoofs to you, but you have chosen to exploit the aspects of conventional beauty here with "sexy scientists" and male models, so you could consider a shot of your male model made to appear like an underwear ad campaign, over the top with that added brain as the only unconvincing element, and a perfume-ad-like type.

This is just my initial response. I'd be interested in what other people think as well! Feedback anyone??

Matt said...

I think the concepts I like the most are definitely the first two. I agree that I don't quite read sexy scientist from the first one. I get the sexy part, and I honestly don't think it would take that much to get the science part across. The composition is definitely working well and it's just a generally strong image.

I think the second one is a great concept. I thought it was a CAT scan, but should make the face in the brain look a little more... facey...recognizable, that's the word, but still make it clear that it is a brain. I agree that, right now, I do get a Beauty and the Beast feel, but it might be because the only two elements are the brain and the text. Give the brain image some context (like I said, I thought it was a CAT scan) so it doesn't come off looking like a magic mirror with a smokey ghost face in it.


it looks a little too modeled or comicy. like they are aliens or super heroes. other than that, i like the concepts.