Monday, October 13, 2008

Fecal Face: free fridayz


tracing paper color


photoshop with flat setting

i really need a crit. i hate this.
the subject is nasty pigeons


Anonymous said...

I think its a strong piece; definitely nothing to be spoken of lightly. The only thing that bothers me is the final version with the flattened background. The shapes really distract the eye from your awesome drawing and, in my opinion, hurts the composition. I would darken the outline around the bird to give it some weight.

I mean, I wouldn't dwell on it too much if you're just not happy with it. I would suggest starting over and sketching out some different compositions. You seem to be able to produce really quickly, kudos. :D

Also, does fecal face require its submissions to have their name in them? Not including text may free up your ability to conceptualize a design more attractive to you.

jaime said...

I like the drawing, and am liking how you are mixing up traditional and digital techniques. I actually agree with Evan on most counts here. Perhaps were the type not as prominent - maybe by coloring it in a similar way to the bird (not quite as flat and dark) your bird might jump out more and shine a bit more since it is such a nice part of the piece. I think the image before the final one is definitely more successful than the one with flat color because it feels more thoughtful and purposefully executed.

You may be able to play up the texture in your hand coloring sections so we really feel that it is a traditional element. I like this method for you, and eventually if you become more comfortable with digital coloring, you can transition if you choose. I usually sway towards using your traditional skills if you have them, as long as it can be done within reasonable time constraints for a project. And that does not seem to be your problem. You are certainly quick.

lilligärtner said...

i feel the same way about the flat background, also the color choice seems disturbing, as reddish,it sticks out most, becomes quite dominant, maybe change of color and adding transparecy (dont know how to spell that) and or some light texture in the background, but i really love that pigeon.

lilligärtner said...

ach, just looking it again, knowing me and my love of drawings lacking contrast, i think the drawing already is complete in my eyes, maybe step back to that and go a different direction