Friday, October 24, 2008

FIN the last days of fish

more photoshop. fin.

scan. photoshop.

drawing. pencil. charcoal. 


lilligärtner said...

hello, i like the way its darker on the right, just think FIN is spaced too wide for such thin letters,
(maybe see you later at jagas, jan is coming tomorrow, was a bit confused)

jaime said...

Cropping works, type placement works, darkening the face/underwater (I think) looks nice and I like that I can see another subtle color or two in there where it was darkened. It is nice to see a few colors mingling to make one general hue. You may be able to experiment with this even more, add a few details (but saving your current file) just to see what happens since you have time. Like how the drawing above water is outlined in black, while underwater is pencil. That is a nice touch.

Perhaps play with type more. The placement is good, I'm just wondering if you can still keep it simple (in contrast to the character in your drawing) while a simple element could tie it in nicely with your style, so this part is not so completely standard. Such things are easier said than done, but think about it. Also add the byline (author's name) just to make it look more "official". I think this will be a nice piece.