Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A golden egg of opportunity will fall into your lap this month.



1. drawing in sketchbook with pencil and pen
2. ink washes on paper
3. charcoal on paper
4. scan and merge 
5. experiment with opacity and placement
6. add tone 
7. compose and crop
8. fin.

1 comment:

jaime said...

I think this is overall quite successful. I still think the concept is excellent and fun. My only complaint is the composition seems a bit unbalanced, and in a perfect world, you saved all the layers and you could move the piano over slightly to the right and perhaps make it a little less tilted.

I also wonder if you might be able to crop in on it as a possibility, making the streak from above the piano run off the top of the page, and crop in on the right to make the man sit slightly more to the right of the composition.

Thanks for posting since we missed you in class.