Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Concept Sketches-editorial

fisherman puzzled at lack of fish
fish all in the belly of the beast

fishing boat eating all the fish

the fishing boats reaching out to an empty sea


Anonymous said...

I think the second sketch is the best. I LOVE that one, i feel it illustrates the point perfectly.

jaime said...

Cody- you are quick. Perfect for Editorial work I must say. Getting an early start will enable you to hopefully really focus in and make the result a portfolio-worthy piece.

Good sketches. They are great, as they are easy to read and exactly what we are going for for next week.

I like the middle one the best as well, but the top one could be intriguing too.

The middle one may also be the most fun to complete because you can make the face really great and detailed, perhaps with all kinds of barnacles stuck to it and textures added. It is a nice concept because it really depicts the boat as a sort of monster, personalizing an inanimate object in an intriguing and surprising way.

I assume your text would be placed at the bottom right of the piece? It would be interesting if you can find a subtle way to tie the text in visually to the piece. Just something to consider since you have some time to think about it.

jaime said...

Oh also- a picky thought, but the top of the boat (and how the boat is falling off the top) is just a little bit awkward for me.

It is minor, since it wasn't one of the first things I noticed, but I wonder if we can lower the boat just a smidge, so that just the small vertical boat parts go off the page, and the horizontal surfaces are not quite as high on the page. I am glad you opted for the planes to be skewed, and not completely horizontal because it works better that the boat is not precisely parallel to the top of the page, but I still think you'll avoid the extra tension in composition if you lower the boat just a bit.

You can still keep the water line where it is. Also- it will be imperative that the final art have that 1/4 inch border, since your composition is so precise. A magazine would completely crop in and ruin your composition if you don't give them this extra bleed.


thanks evan and jaime. great advice.