Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fortune: You Will Exceed All Expectations

This has been done for a while now... I just never got around to posting it until now. There are things about this that I really like and things about it I don't know if I do. I unfortunately accidentally saved my 'flat' version over my 'layers' version so I have no way of fixing these problems without starting ALL OVER D:

But all in all I like the drawing :P

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jaime said...

I think this is a nice image. I like the drawing, and really like all the textures you are putting in that show hand-drawn (looking) elements. The patterns on the clothing and the details in subtle textures and colors (Instead of outlining everything too harshly) are working great for you here.

I will say that I'm pretty sure I'd like it even more if I didn't already see your plans for it. The yin/yang sign doesn't show up, which I know was a difficult problem to solve, but it would have been a fun addition. Some of the character you had in the dragon has been lost, but that is all too common and hard to nail when redrawing. I do still like the dragon you ended up with. You could consider having the image have a bit more contrast to add to the drama of the scene, but now it is working more like an image for children, which is nice if that is your intent.

I'd consider making the pan a solid color instead of white outlined in black, because it is standing out a bit much because of the contrast, but that is picky.

Your point of view and drawing style really show through here even though there are digital elements, and that is no easy feat.

Easy to say in retrospect, but maybe saving an extra copy or two of your file as you go would be a good idea. Find a way to incorporate saving the layered file out as part of your process, so that it integrates with your work, and have an extra one just in case. I've done the same before, and it does suck to lose your layers.

Thanks! Other suggestions or thoughts from anyone?