Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fortune 2.0

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadows"

Post-Jaime version. It hints at where our priorities are; what we choose to perceive as important and whether or not the reality of life around us is acknowledged. 



jaime said...

Hey Evan. I like how this more directly addresses the concept than what you first came with. Your ideas were all good, but the images weren't reading as strongly as your stated ideas.

That said, here are my suggestions here:

1. I think the girl coming out of the store looks a little less like she's blissfully ignorant, and slightly more scary and possessed. I'd consider some slight expression changes so this really reads how you want it to.

2. I think we can also feel more towards the homeless woman if you really focus on her expression as well. This is picky, but something to consider.

3. I really like your signs and the details here, but I'm also wondering if you can indicate colorful bottles in the liquor store as well. They don't have to be rendered, just indicated. It can still give off a glow, but will create some nice atmosphere and the candy-colored bottles will be a nice contrast to the dingy street.

Color will play an important role in your piece reading the way you'd like.

As always do what you think is best for your piece.

Thanks for posting, and I look forward to seeing the image.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback. This piece is the the sketchbook layout for my final, I just wanted to show you the revisited composition. I'm planning doing it on illustration board in acrylic. The color palette will be just like we talked about in class; rainbow bright in the liquor store and dank, green-brown outside.

I noticed the expression on the girl after you mentioned it and I agree its a little crazy. I'll tone it down and I'll focus more on the woman in the background.

Thanks for the feedback :D