Sunday, October 5, 2008

Movie beast

-Edward scissorhands


jaime said...

Thanks for posting.

I do think there could be more of a value contrast between the outside and the inside here.I would go even darker on edward scissorhands and the inside, and use more moonlight outside so that it has a stronger contrast and the image feels a little less flat.

Alternatively, you could go the other way and make the background darker, making the kids really pop forward. I think it works in many ways, but if you made a strong value decision it would take the piece further and it will be more engaging.

Also- I'd suggest considering not outlining everything in the image. The way you use ink is nice, but I don't think some parts have to be outlined. For instance, the rosy cheeks probably would be okay without an outline. It is a bit picky, but if you think about each thing you outline as you go, the parts with the most outline will become the most important parts of the image, If everything is outlined, the image becomes flatter without as much of an obvious focus.

Thanks again for posting. Since you were out when we had the critique, hopefully others will give you some feedback too!

Sarah said...

I agree with the value and outline comments, and I think maybe pumping up the glowiness of the moon would add a lot.

I like the idea of trick or treaters coming to Edward's house. :)

Alison Marks said...

I really like your character design both for Edward Scissor Hands and the kids.